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Steelshot and steelgrit are the most widely used blasting materials for cleaning, stripping and improving metal surfaces. Different types of steelshot or steelgrit with different chemistries, sizes and hardnesses lead to very different surface finishes.

The round shape of steelshot generally produces a clean and smooth surface. The use of smaller steelshots result in a smoother surface. Larger shots clean more aggressively but give a rougher surface.

Steelgrit cleans many types of surface contaminants quickly. The angular shape produces an etched surface, which is preferred for the adhesion of paints and coatings.

TYMO Mineralien is able to offer the complete size range of steelshots and steelgrits, ranging in size from S70 to S780 and from G10-G120, with various chemistries and hardnesses. Steelshot and steelgrit are available in 25 kg bags and 1000 kg big bags, on pallets, from our stock in the Netherlands.

Are you interested in our steelshot and steelgrit? Please do not hesitate to  contact  us! Product DataSheets and Material Safety DataSheet will be sent on request.